October 2, 2017 – The Ring

Ringwood XXII

Two 1.5L models would debut at Ringwood XXII: MiA would present his #2 BRM P61 as raced by Graham HILL while the prancing horse factory would debut the #7 Ferrari 158 as raced by John SURTEES. Both models were welcome additions to Ringwood XXII and the Scratch32 model database.

1.5L GP 1963 BRM P61 Driven by Graham Hill

BRM’s first attempt at the monocoque design, the P61 was not a true monocoque as a rear subframe was bolted to the front, monocoque half of the car and omitted a rear bulkhead between the driver and engine . The car only competed in 2 Grands Prix. The P61’s debut came at the 1963 French Grand Prix at the hands of then champion Graham Hill. Hill who stalled at the start and was given a push-start, earning him a 60-second penalty/DSQ.  Hill would finish the race 3rd, 61 seconds ahead of Jack Brabham. Although the result seemed promising, it immediately became apparent the car suffered from severe chassis flex without a bulkhead. The P61 would not return until Monza, where Hill would retire with clutch problems. Most of the seasons other races were contested in the earlier P57 car. The car was the basis for the 1964 P261, a true monocoque.

Model was built using an abandoned Supershells body with a variety of modified DArt Hobbies parts to resemble Hill’s 1963 low exhaust Reims car.

1.5L GP 1964 Ferrari 158 Driven by John Surtees at the Nurburgring

Model was built using a DArt repop based on a Monogram shell.

But first off we turn to an earlier era dominated by front engine machines…

1950’s Grand Prix

Ringwood XXII would soon be underway with returning entries for 1950’s Grand Prix.
Harry Schell does his best to hold back a charging Fangio.
Gonzalez chases the others as he muscles his Ferrari 375 into turn 1.

1950’s Grand Prix Results

  1. #2 – J.M. Fangio (Ferrari D50) 72 Laps (11.261 ext.);
  2. #8 – H. Schell (BRM P25) 70 Laps (12.486);
  3. #12 – J.F. Gonzalez (Ferrari 375) 69 (12.236).

1.5L Grand Prix

The leader followed into Adenau by the Brabham of Jack.
Nearing one third distance and while in the early lead Jack Brabham laps Hill.
Gurney now chases Surtees for the lead.
The Cooper of Brabham sits solidly in fourth place.
The debut of Hill’s BRM P61.
John Surtees would debut his #7 Ferrari 158 at Ringwood XXII.

1.5L Grand Prix Results

  1. #7 – J. Surtees (Ferrari 158) 75 Laps (17.554 ext.);
  2. #30 – D. Gurney (Porsche 804) 74 (9.476);
  3. #1 – J. Brabham (Brabham BT11) 73 (17.485);
  4. #11 – J. Brabham (Brabham BT11) 72 (5.221);
  5. #1 – J. Brabham (Cooper T53) 71 (7.834);
  6. #1 – G. Hill (BRM P61) 69 (6.097).

3.0L Grand Prix

Beltoise passes Siffert to take second position.
With the withdrawal of Ginther the lone Honda of John Surtees heads alone past the paddock.

3.0L Grand Prix Results

  1. #7 – J. Surtees (Honda RA273) 83 Laps (14.348 ext.);
  2. #12 – J.P. Beltoise (Matra MS11) 79 (8.186);
  3. #22 – J. Siffert (Lotus 49B) 76 (8.713).

1970’s Grand Prix

#19 J. Mass Surtees TS16/3

1970’s Grand Prix Results

  1. #17 – J. Stewart (Tyrrell 003) 83 (7.344 ext.);
  2. #19 – J. Mass (Surtees TS16/3) 83 (9.044);
  3. #3 – P. Depailler (Tyrrell 007) 77 (14.988).

For All Ringwood XXII Photographs with Captions click on the event poster below

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