The Wheel of Misfortune was unveiled at Ringwood XX. Every crash forced a spin…

Teams from Ferrari, Maserati & BRM arrived at the Ring for the first of four Ringwood XX races.

Great pilots such as Hawthorne arrived in style.

Ferrari were the hands on favourites with three of the six grid positions.

Team Scuderia Centro-Sud with pilot Carroll Shelby would do his best to scuttle Enzo’s plans.

1950’s Grand Prix Starting Grid

BRM as the beneficiary of a blue flag and some flawless racing would go on to upset Ferrari aspirations and later take the top two positions when #11 Fangio was forced to drop a further two positions due to a mechanical black flag. The older Ferrari 375 of Gonzalez would climb up the field to eventually secure third place under waving blue flags. Despite a strong start the #2 Ferrari lost 2 laps due to four shunts eventually bringing out the red flag. C. Shelby in his #5 Maserati remained steady although somewhat timid at times throughout his debut race.

1950’s Grand Prix (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.) – Official Results

  1. #8 – H. Schell (BRM P25) 74 Laps (11.748 ext.) x2 (Blue Flag);
  2. #80 – H. Schell (BRM P25) 73 (12.228) x0;
  3. #12 – J.F. Gonzalez (Ferrari 375) 69 (8.892) x2 (Blue Flag);
  4. #11 – J.M. Fangio (Ferrari D50) 74 (7.692) x1 (Mechanical Black Flag);
  5. #2 – J.M. Fangio (Ferrari D50) 70 (7.555) x4 (Red Flag);
  6. #5 – C. Shelby (Maserati 250F) 70 (29.122) x1 (Slippery Surface Flag);

1.5L Grand Prix Starting Grid

It would not be Honda’s day yet for Surtees – Ginther had a victory with the RA272 and the RA273 was yet to debut in 1966…

Learning from past mistakes the field settled in early to avoid bringing out unnecessary flags. Surtees did have two minor shunts and while tied in laps with Black Jack the former Ferrari champion appeared certain to drop a place after necessarily being shown two flags – but with a little luck he managed to hold off Brabham by taking the checkered as his first flag and ending his race without penalty nor another spin.

1.5L Grand Prix (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.) – Official Results

  1. #30 – D. Gurney (Porsche 804) 75 Laps (9.643 ext.) x0;
  2. #18 – J. Surtees (Honda RA273) 73 (7.543) x2 (Checkered Flag)***;
  3. #1 – J. Brabham (Brabham BT11) 73 (14.070) x0;
  4. #1 – J. Brabham (Cooper T53) 70 (12.176) x0.

***-3.0L entries de-tuned to 1.5L standard

3.0L Grand Prix Starting Grid

A new Honda RA273, Matra MS11 and Eagle MkI would all debut at Ringwood XX.

While other entries returned for more…

The race was spirited and eventful with some hard racing. Each pilot received at least one flag with some further in the field opting to take an early lap penalty to avoid additional flags and yet more penalties. Gurney’s Eagle tip toed through the round to clinch a podium, while a relieved Beltoise passed the checkered flag with time to spare to finish fourth. Everyone proved quick enough at times and the new Honda V12 sure looked like it has promise…

3.0L Grand Prix (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.) – Official Results

  1. #7 – J. Surtees (Honda RA273) 82 Laps (7.395 ext.) x1 (Blue Flag Declined);
  2. #8 – J.P. Beltoise (Matra MS10) 80 (1.647) x1 (Checkered Flag);
  3. #5 – D. Gurney (Eagle Mk1) 79 (28.590) x2 (Slippery Surface Flag);
  4. #12 – J.P. Beltoise (Matra MS11) 76 (9.609) x5 (Yellow Flag);
  5. #12 – R. Ginther (Honda RA273) 76 (30.015) x5 (Slippery Surface Flag);
  6. #22 – J. Siffert (Lotus 49B) 74 (15.417) x5 (Yellow Flag).

1970’s Grand Prix Starting Grid

Teams arrived and prepared for the start of the final showdown.

Mass led the field away followed by Stewart and Depailler. Jackie and Jochen began their duel. Later, under braking, Stewart would need to pit to repair a wheel that caused a self inflicted shunt in the doughnut. Jochen continued to press but ultimately would take a red flag and lose 2 laps, but no positions. Despite the penalty he still managed to keep ahead of Depailler in his Ligier JS11. The second Tyrrell avoided barriers all event long and rolled to a comfortable fourth place.

1970’s Grand Prix (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.) – Official Results

  1. #17 – J. Stewart (Tyrrell 003) 84 Laps (28.368 ext.) x1 (Yellow Flag);
  2. #19 – J. Mass (Surtees TS16/03) 81 (11.444) x3 (Red Flag);
  3. #25 – P. Depailler (JS11) 81 (14.975) x1 (Green Flag);
  4. #3 – P. Depailler (Tyrrell 007) 77 (7.010) x0.

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